Tobias and the Angel

I am an artist's model in his studio! I don't know how I got here. (In a pocket I think!) I work with other models called 'maquettes'. We get moved around a lot in different positions after which preparatory drawings are made and then finally paintings. The painting I am to be in is about an archangel and a boy and a dog and a fish that is 'miraculous' (That last one is me!!!)

I like being a model. The painter is kind and his house is very nice. No need to worry about me. I'm doing just fine.

PS. Painter says that if you want to see his work you can do so here:

Memoirs of a Fish

I had decided that I wanted to leave Greenbelt for pastures new. I had heard that there was a place called London, and that this was where dreams were made. Much to my dismay, I was unfortunately greeted by a ferocious dinosaur whilst strolling down South Bank. Thankfully a beautiful prawn saved me. She was the most beautiful prawn I had ever seen. I wanted to show my gratitude and we thus went for a drink of fine ale at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese.  We went for a walk over tower bridge and it was then that I realised that I was falling in love. I stared into her eyes which were deep like the ocean and I told her how I felt. My gills met her beautiful prawn whiskers and we shared a tender kiss. She said she felt the same but that we couldn't be together because her family would not allow her to be with a fish. I was destroyed and jumped on the back of a monkey and wailed; 'take me to Hull'.

Crabtured was not the end of the fish's tale/tail!

Reports of the demise of Leaf the fish at the claws of Caradog the cranc (crab), of Crabtured fame, were greatly exaggerated.  They are both, at present, living in perfect harmony on a crocheted reef somewhere just outside the old Welsh borders.

Fish Blog

The fish and I had a trip to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, and as I'm a Geocaher I placed the fish and instructions in a Geocache close by to the bridge so his story will continue, he has the potential of traveling all over the world, and who knows he may even get the odd mention here on the Blog.

Electric Red

I photographed my fish, Electric Red, swimming around in tech, because that's what he likes to do. He swished up to the multimedia mass of Blessed and relaxed with the plugged-in iMass (even though there was no bread to nibble, doh!). Despite the lack of volts, Red quite enjoyed Richard Trouncer's storytelling in Abide, one night of which was about Jesus telling the fishermen how to do their job, instructing them to throw their nets on the other side of the boat to catch a massive haul (this was quite the horror story for him, but he likes those so it was ok).

Electric Red was most involved in the AV-wonder-fest that was the Sub gothic communion, Transcending Realms Divine, which used not one, but two projections, one with rolling images and liturgy, the other with full motion video. The soundtrack was very loud in places and made him blow bubbles in delight. The performers were wearing gas masks and some of the imagery was watery, which made him feel like he was being joined by (very odd looking) deep sea divers.

Red very much regretted missing out on an ear-massage from Fat Roland's DJ sets in the Jesus Arms. But most of all, he enjoyed spending time relaxing with friends and being plugged into the mains in the contributors venue, as photographed (although he doesn't look it, he's actually a distant cousin to some electric eels, so all these mixed electricity and water references are ok).



Thanks to an anonymous piccie-taker for this depiction of a shocking fish demise.